Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The first thing I feel is a sensation like something coming through the top of my head...

The first thing I feel is a sensation like something coming through the top of my head... it feels quite relaxing, a soothing sensation.

I am attracted to the right side of my energy field which is to the west of me, I am facing south at the moment.

There is a sensation of being pulled in that direction, the left side of my body in comparison feels empty.

My energy field feels like it is being pulled about thirty feet to the right but it also feels like this enters some kind of spacial dimension which is much larger.

Now I can feel something which is metallic and it has a cylindrical shape running horizontally and propellor blades sticking out of it. There are eight blades.

Now I’m getting a sensation which is closer to me, more in the right temporal lobe area of my brain, my right eye socket, my right ear... it’s a mild pressure. This sensation seems to go up and slightly to the right, it makes me want to sit up straighter and rearrange my posture so my spine is more erect. That feels better.

This feels like some sort of com-link or tunnel, a wire that connects me to... it feels very nice, very relaxed, my mind feels clear and a lot of the general chatter has ceased...

Com-link... the first part of the meditation was a tuning session, to align the harmonics of your energy field with what we wanted to connect you to.

“And what is this,” I asked.

“This is an inter-galactic speaking tube.”

“Can you explain how it works?”

As I relax I feel my breathing change, it becomes more tidal, and slightly deeper than normal. I suddenly have the sense that I am a pilot and that I am in deep space and that I am receiving a signal from my sentient life scanner beam. The signal is strongest in the lower left front quadrant. I adjust the power to boost the signal. The pilot sends a signal down the tube that is like a seed, something that will grow to the point where we will eventually be able to understand one another.

I sign off now, as the meditation period comes to an end.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I have the image of a petal shaped crop circle.

From my dream last night I have the image of a petal shaped crop circle. I cross the bridge and immediately the six-pointed image of the center of the flower of life comes into my visual field.

I feel a change in my body, a feeling of relaxation from what was previously a feeling of struggle and tension.

It feels like I am entering something that is flowing, like a river or a strong but slow-moving wind current. It is coming from behind and pushing me forward.

I’m looking at the earth from space, somewhere between the earth and the moon. I’m pondering the concept of time as I watch the earth rotate. Is telepathy location sensitive? The experimental protocol seems to ask for each person involved in the experiment to start receiving when the earth is at a certain rotation. If I was to draw a line out into space from the earth location of every participant it would look like a cherry skewered with toothpicks. A line of energy that is emanating perpendicular to the earth location and extending infinitely into space.

Is that image or model valid? Does that have anything to do with the way telepathy and time actually operate?

I receive an answer of sorts. A voice tells me that motion is more relevant to telepathy than any arbitrary location, which is in motion in any case. There is no way to stop the world from spinning or orbiting.

Rather than looking at location, we should be studying velocity. Telepathy increases when rising and falling in arcs that shrink and/or expand depending on which way you are travelling. Think of a cone shape and spirals and parabolas within the conic vortex. At the perimeter of the cone the variety of experience is at its greatest. Closer to the center of the cone (and in deeper where the forces feel strongest) the variety of experiences will appear to be more common.

Therefore, the experience of telepathy is partially dependent on a feeling of velocity or not. More velocity = more apparent commonality of experience. Less velocity = less apparent commonality of experience.

Manipulating the ring is quite interesting...

Manipulating the ring is quite interesting. Imagine if you will a ring made of something that looks like electrical conduit pipe, the rippled kind that is used to insulate the cables that run inside it. This ring of conduit penetrates my chest at the level of my heart and is big enough so that it can circle around my body without hitting my head or my feet. It looks something like a skipping rope, except it circles sideways rather than front to back, and the axis point is in the center of my chest, through my heart chakra.

When I move it around, by imagining it in one position or another, the front - back axis of the ring becomes straight rather than curved and forms a D shape instead of a complete circle. I see this as a detail that forms when I shrink the ring from cosmic to personal size.

It seems to want to stabilize in a position that is to my left and in the center. If I align my body in the direction of the colour of the day (Wind - White - North) then my left side is facing west. The blue symbol for this location in my energy holon would be Hand.

“Can you explain what I am experiencing?” I ask a composite of friends I know who have Hand as their galactic signature.

“This is a field enhancer and protection device all rolled into one,” was the answer.

I could feel the effect of the conduit pipe. On the one hand (if you’ll excuse the pun) it enabled me to focus clearly on a specifc area of my holon energy field, but on the other hand it also created an implicit sphere of energy that seemed to protect me from unwanted influences. With the center of the D ring through my heart chakra, it was also anchored in the most harmonious part of me.

“Does this come with an instruction manual,” I asked.

“Instruction number one,” said a voice, “there are no limitations.”

“Instruction number two,” the voice continued, “these are your training wheels, so don’t get too attached because you won’t need them for long.”

“How am I a part of the Cosmic History books,” I wondered. (I had just received volume one from the Foundation).

“You might want to reconsider visiting your Electronic Tablet for the Recording of the Star Histories.”

“In what sense?”

“Review the experimental data, and proceed from there.” The experimental data I believe refers to something that the Foundation has organized with a Russian scientist. I’ll check it out.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The bridge has changed into a large electrical conduit.

The bridge has changed into a large electrical conduit. One end of the conduit pipe is anchored in the Park, the other end is attached to my heart.

The conduit does not terminate at my heart, it is more like I am strung on the pipe, with it passing through my heart and going right through me. I am strung on it like a bead on a necklace.

I notice a considerable amount of energy also passing through the top of my head and out of my feet and into the earth. So it appears as if I am plugged into multiple dimensions.

The conduit pipe is a circle that disappears into the cloud of the Park. It has the quality of being always in contact with its center, the center being the source of its energy. The ring can be viewed like a bicycle wheel (vertical) or like a plate (horizontal). Either way it is aligned with its center.

I can be pierced through the chest and hung from the bottom of the ring (like a ferris wheel) or I can be pierced through the chest and walking around the edge of the ring (like a merry go round).

“What does this mean,” I wonder.

I see that the center of my ring is a bead on a bigger ring, and that this pattern extends as far as I can imagine. This image has appeared to me before, but I don’t really understand its relevance.

I see the word, “Connections” along with an extended view of a mesh-work of linked circles.

If I see myself as moving forward I appear to me moving in a clock-wise direction around the center of my ring. If I see myself as being still then the ring appears to be moving through me in an anti-clockwise direction. I wonder what that means?

I am told that this is an example of the continual motion of the universe in relation to the way I imagine that I have to put effort into moving my life forward. In other words, it is impossible to stand still.

It also means that no matter where I think I am going I am always orbiting my own center. It also indicates that my center is always in contact with every other center, no matter what.

For a moment I am all but overwhelmed by a cascade of thoughts and images as a number of centers of differing magnitude pulse in a coherent manner. I have no concepts or language to describe this experience.

I am standing on the Park side looking/feeling a large dark area in front of me that seems impenetrable.

Having crossed the bridge, which today seems broader than normal, I am standing on the Park side looking/feeling a large dark area in front of me that seems impenetrable.

“What is going on,” I ask my palm-pilot guide book.

I start to feel quite sleepy... I’m going to follow this feeling... I feel myself sinking, pulled down by a heavy weight. My eyes feel very heavy. I’m trying to let go, it feels like I need to let go of this weight that I’m carrying. As I continue to let go I begin to realize that the feeling of heaviness and struggle with this process today, entering the Park and so on, has to do with feelings of expectation... expecting my experience to be the same as it was in the past, rather than simply experiencing what is happening now.

Once I started to do this I begin to relax and enjoy myself. It’s like falling into a river, by going with the current and by relaxing with the current there is no struggle, there is no problem. But when you struggle against it or try to remain in one spot that’s when the problem develops.

So the Park is obviously an extremely dynamic state, it never really stays the same. The only thing that trys to keep it the same are the limitations of my own thinking.

It’s the same everywhere, it doesn’t matter if you are awake or asleep or in meditation, or in trance or in contemplation, the situation is in a state of continual flux. A river might seem to be the same in places but it is never really the same from one moment to the next.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I realize how busy I’ve been on this side...

As I cross over the bridge I realize how busy I’ve been on this side. The feeling is like putting down a pack that I’ve been carrying on my back for days.

My desire today is to go to a place where I can recharge my batteries.

What happens first is that I am shown how the events of the past days have affected my energy body. I see something like a constricting energy squeezing me and the people I have been associating with (home buyers). The squeezing sensation comes from picking up on the fear and anxiety that exists for these people. It could be described as the white-knuckle syndrome, how people hold on tightly when they are frightened.

The key is to remain relaxed and to move only as fast as you are able while retaining your sense of relaxation. In this way the effects of the white-knucklers is diminished.

Think of it this way, you are like an electrical conduit, and if you become un-earthed you will short circuit. Short circuit equals feeling tired. Remaining relaxed means making sure you are earthed. The more tension you feel, the more you should let go and sink. If necessary, stop, stand still or sit down until you settle. It doesn’t take long, as long as you are aware enough to do it.

I’ve been listening to some tapes by Dr Hawking regarding the use of kinesiology as a calibrator of truth. It seems cumbersome to me to have to stick your arm out everytime you want to know how you feel about something, so my quest today is to seek an alternative to this type of testing. Something that you do not need a partner or a tool to verify or amplify the response.

Dr Hawking made one observation that intrigued me, he said, “The body recognizes truth, it does not recognize un-truth.” In otherwords it does not divide reality into true or false, it merely responds positively, by increasing power to the system when you are in the presence of truth.

After crossing the bridge I type in, “Recognizing truth, the body response,” into the computer and press GO.

Immediately I receive a number of feelings and images. I am in a dark space that is filled with waves of dim light. I can feel the waves better than I can see them, but I can see them too.

I am then made aware of my heart beat and I begin to sense that there is a potential harmony that exists in this state. That is, if I become attracted to a certain wave, for whatever reason, but it is not in harmony with my own personal wave (that is present in the beating of my heart) then I will find myself struggling to keep up, or I will find myself surging ahead of the wave and having to wait while it catches up to me.

If I focus first on my heart, on my actual heart beat, then this puts me in contact with my own wave and karmic pattern.

The heart has both types of nerve cells. It has cells that are autonomic, they continue to funtion regardless of your state of consciousness. And it has cells that are sympathetic, they respond to your mental and emotional state. In this way the heart is a perfect representative of your state of consciousness at any moment.

Your heart is also the area of your body that is attuned to the state of love that is the creative force of the universe.

My question is, “How can I best listen to my heart’s advice?”

“Your heart is like a direction finder,” said a voice, “when you are in attunement you will feel joy, you will feel happy, you will feel compassionate. If you do not feel these feelings, or if you find yourself immersed in feelings of sadness or depression, or boredom then this is an indication that you are disconnected.”

“How do I reconnect?”

I was shown an image looking down on my torso from above, of two circles, or a roundish figure of eight with its center point positioned exactly on my heart. As I watched the wave form began to move slightly from side to side, as if it was tracking or moving like an electronic signal. At times one side would grow larger than the other and then it would move back in the other direction. There seemed to be an automatic positioning device that kept pulling the center of the image back to my heart.

“How happy are you with the way you are?”

“Is there anything stopping you from being who you are?”

These are good questions well worth remembering.

But coming back to calibrating truth, I am still looking for something that I can use as a compass, that will give me a good read on what my heart wants me to do.

“Just get into the habit of asking your heart what you should do. Place your attention in the center of your chest and wait for an answer. You will know when the correct answer has arrived because you will recognize it as such. Much as you are able to recognize an old friend who you have not seen in a while.”

“Sometimes the answer will arrive outside of yourself. It depends on how clouded you are.”

“Can you explain what clouded means,” I asked.

“Clouded is when your tracking signal and your heart are only in momentary contact, when there is a lot of static or chaotic energy affecting the signal.”

“Another thing to remember is that you are involved in a moment to moment balancing act, like dancing on a surf-board. Whatever you think is your final destination, or the focus of your intent is not as important as the present balancing act. If all you are intent on is reaching the beach, you may not notice what is happening beneath your feet. Pay attention to right now, your work is to strengthen your central tracking system so that you can remain balanced and in harmony with your basic purpose.”

“Imagine that you have a kind and loving advisor living in the center of your chest. Every time you have a question, ask this wise and compassionate being for the answer. Trust that the answer will come.”

Monday, March 06, 2006

I’ve decided to visit the libarary again today

I’ve decided to visit the libarary again today, specifically to the network room where I have a question.

“My question is, how is the etheric library and its vast accumulation of knowledge linked to the physical world?”

As soon as I formulate the question there is a surge of activity, it feels like I have just plugged myself into a main electrical panel.

A number of answers bubble to the surface. “Through dreams, during meditation, when relaxed, as an automatic part of normal thinking,” and so on.

“Can you give me a specific example,” I ask.

I am shown the image of a person at the compressed center of a horizontal hour-glass. One side is a cone that extends endlessly into the past and the other side is a cone that extends endlessly into the future. The person in the middle represents the present moment.

In the cone leading into the past there is a network of branches that look like a family tree arrangement, a geneology of thought. How one thought begat another thought and so on. In the future side a similar arrangement exists, but as probabilities rather than fixed patterns.

The whole pattern curves back in on itself to form a torus shape, like a donut of circulating energy.

“What does this have to do with accessing knowledge,” I said.

“Because you are a time-vector, your location in space-time is like a bead on a necklace,” came the answer, “we are trying to show you that you are never disconnected from the source of all thought.”

“Then why is it that my experience seems to be like someone stumbling around with my eyes closed,” I wondered.

“It’s a matter of habit,” was the reply, “you tend to stay focused on what is directly in front of you.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“It’s neither bad nor good, it is simply a habit of perception.”

“Okay,” I said, “can you explain how we use the etheric library to make important decisions.”

“Define important.”

“Important means a decision that has a strong potential for significant change, especially one that might have a negative outcome that should be avoided,” I said.

I am shown a man standing at a fork in the road, he is standing still, unsure which road to take. He leans one way, then he leans the other. He gets no strong feeling from either direction. He takes a few steps up the right road, then returns. He takes a few steps up the left road, then returns. Both roads feel about the same. He does not know what to do.

Simultaneously he travels backwards and forwards in time from this moment. He does this without realizing that he is doing it. His intent drives him, his need to go forward.

From the past, from the etheric library, every instance relating in some way to the present situation is accessed and assessed. In the future, every situation that corresponds to the harmonics of the past is also accessed and assessed. Matches occur, and spheres of potential form consisting of half-past and half-future material. It looks like a ball cut in half, with one side solid and the other side invisible.

While this happens, and it may take time or it may happen instantly, something outside of the man causes him to choose one road in preference to the other. This could be the advice of a friend or a change in the weather. The event is what ever it takes to catch his attention and pull it one way more than the other.

NOTE: the overall decision is soul-based, which may mean that the choice takes him to what might appear at the time to be a negative outcome.

“Does consciousness help,” I asked.

“You mean does it help if you are conscious of the process?”


“It certainly helps if when you are in need of guidance that you open yourself to the possibility that you will be helped.”

“But how do you know,” I continued, “how can you discriminate between true guidance and a self-fulfilling prophecy?”

“True guidance usually has an element of the mysterious and mischievous about it,” was the reply, “rarely do you hear a voice telling you to do this or that.”

“Then how would you explain the voice I am hearing right now?”

“This voice is a part of the imaginal process that is enhancing your conscious library experience. Since you are speaking in generalities the information can be taken at face value. If you were asking for specific information relating to your own desires you would need to look for signs following.”

“Signs following?”

“Synchronistic events relating to what you had been told. Physical events that appear to be outside of yourself.”

“Could you give me an example of this, something that our group might understand as a sign?”

“Look for three unusual eagles.”

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I had a dream last night...

I had a dream last night where I entered a train (of thought) that had an initiatory aspect. I am going to the library to see what I can find out about the train I was on last night.

I go to the front desk and ask where I can find information about the train I was on last night.

I am given a piece of paper. As soon as I touch the paper I am transported into my dream.

I am sitting on a bench seat with a long table in front of me and on my left is a man with paper and glue and a folder of photos and drawings that he is using to create images on the paper. He covers the paper (which is supported by a stiff cardboard backing) with glue and takes two different pictures and places them on the gluey paper.
He asks my opinion as he places a cut-out picture of a woman kneeling, onto the paper. The woman is wearing a robe made of coarse fibers and she is barefoot.

He then places the image of a man, also wearing a coarse brown robe but facing me, onto the page, slightly to the left of the woman.

There is something about the man that does not look right. His feet are too close together, it looks like he might fall over.

The picture looks biblical, like Sunday school pictures of Jesus and Mary, except not the pretty ones. They look like they are poor, they do not have nice clothing and they are both barefoot.

“What are you doing?” I ask the man.

“Just passing time,” he says, “I like to make collages.”

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“We’re going wherever this train is headed,” he replied.

“If this is a test,” I said, “do I get to know when I am being tested?”

He looked at me and smiled, “No,” he said.

“Is there a pass or a fail?” I continued.

“No,” he said, “it’s not that kind of test.”

Before I could say anything more he held up his hand to stop me from talking. He put the Jesus picture in front of me so that he now had a fresh piece of white paper in front of him. He picked up a large brush, dipped it in ink and started to paint, using his right hand.

With one fluid movement he drew a circle, bringing the paint brush into the center and then throwing the brush up into the air, the ink continued the line upwards even though it was no longer connected to the paper.

As he let go of the brush I jumped up and grabbed it, rising upwards, through the train car ceiling and into space.

I continued to ascend, holding the brush with my right hand, watching as the train below shrunk in size.

When the train and the track it was on had dwindled to the size of a hair the brush stopped its upward motion.

“Now what?” I thought, hanging in space with no idea of where I was going or even for that matter, where I had been.

I noticed that the brush was still connected to the train by an almost microscopic line of black ink that dripped from its bristles. As the train continued its movement, the black line moved with it.

“I don’t understand,” I said, “ I could sure use an explanation.”

I’m in space and I’m back in the train and I’m sitting here in my office typing on my computer. How can this be?

The one in the train is me dreaming, the one with the brush is me in superconsciousness and the one at the computer is me in physical consciousness. Why three?

My question today is, “How do we become transfixed by the events of our lives?”

My question today is, “How do we become transfixed by the events of our lives?”

In response I am shown something that looks like a rotating jet turbine engine. It is rotating slowly in a horizontal plane supported by a semi-circular trough.

Now I see someone running on a log in water, like a logger in a competition. The logger is running backwards as the log beneath his feet spins.

I understand this to mean that the events of one’s life that are most significant are the ones that are happening beneath one’s feet, and the ones that take the most energy to keep one’s balance.

“Regarding my journeys to the Park and keeping the bridge open, if I am otherwise engaged in the events of my physical life, will this become a problem?”

“We can call you from this side as easily as someone calls you on your cell phone on that side,” was the response.

“So I shouldn’t feel guilty?” I said.

“If you don’t answer we will call again.”

“OK, thanks,” I said.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I’m back at the library, in the collective consciousness computer room.

I’m back at the library, in the collective consciousness computer room. I’m interested in finding out how the system works. I know that there are a number of minds networked together and that the computer acts as some sort of medium for displaying the results of our mixture of thoughts, but how does it do this?

“Is that too big a question?” I ask mentally as I sit down in front of one of the computer screens.

Instantly an image forms, it is an overhead view of the room, showing all of the monitors arranged around a central column of white/gold light. The light beam is connected harmonically to a specific frequency wave that is itself harmonically connected to the central axis of the earth.

In a way it is like we are arranged in a circumference around the earth, but out in space, like satellites orbiting in a fixed location. Each computer screen (our individual consciousness) is one view of one location. All views are combined to show the effect of a collective consensus which includes the emerging consciousness of the earth.

“Yesterday we were discussing the categories of change,” I said, “has anything developed while I was asleep?”

The following categories were displayed on my monitor.

Category 1: earth changes. This includes changing weather patterns, magnetic field shifts, and tectonic movements.

Category 2: etheric changes: Frequency shifts that will begin to make visible what was previously invisible.

Category 3: thought changes: In combination with the etheric frequency changes, thought structures will change to accomodate the new reality. New thought structures will include a type of collective telepathic democracy.

A voice explained, “These are the three main categories of change which can be experienced by any individual. Earth changes are obvious and undeniable, physical/etheric changes are experienced through the feeling/sensory system and changes in thinking will be evidenced through the media, the internet, and all manner of creative expression.

“Where do these changes originate?” I asked.

In response an image of the solar system appeared on the screen in front of me. Layered on top of this was an image in my third eye which was the vibrating quantum foam picture from our crystal day meditation.

What I understood from this was that all change originates from the interaction of the vibrating chaotic force with the static geometry of the quantum position.

This is why the sun is so important, because it reflects the quantum level in its energetic condition. Lots of sunspots and mass coronal ejections means an increase in the chaotic force. And when the sun is relatively quiet, it means that the static force is strongest.

Collective earth changes can be predicted by the sun’s activity.

“What is the time delay factor,” I wondered, adding, “in the sense of how many earth revolutions does it take before the sun’s activity affects the three main categories of change?”

“It’s a process like planting seeds,” said the voice, “there are a number of variables, but there is also a set structure, like a seasonal pattern.”

“Some changes complete within one rotation, others need a complete orbit and yet others need thousands or even millions of orbits to come to completion.”

“And where does free will enter the picture,” I wondered.

“Your choice is either to climb on the wave or not,” was the reply.

“What does that mean?”

“You can choose form or chaos,” said the voice, presenting me with a picture of the particle spheres in the quantum foam jiggling up and down. The choice, as I saw it, was to ride with the particles or to enter the formless vibrating nothing.

“Is there any way to enter chaos and return safely?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we do it all the time.”

That surprised me. “How do we do it?”

“Every time there is a gap you enter chaos, in fact you need this in order to remain vital. One cannot exist without the other,” explained the voice. I was further shown that these gaps existed between breathing in and breathing out, between sleeping and waking, between day and night and in fact they existed everywhere to separate structure from the formless.

By now my mind was spinning, so I pushed my chair back and took off the headphones.